Our aim is to enrich people's life by posing innovation to the infrastructure which functionalize all of the social activities and our daily life.


Advanced Product

Grid will invent, design and market the "advanced product" which generate infrastructure that includes electricity and communication system.

Analyzing and visualizing big data.

By utilizing various kinds of "Advanced Product", we can digitize, analyze and visualize various phenomena in the world.

Future Prediction

Grid will invent, design and market the "advanced product" which generate infrastructure that includes electricity and communication system.


Clean Energy Business

System manufacturers

GRID will develop infrastructure product featured with the renewable energy, mainly focusing on solar power.

Power plant development, management and diagnostics

As a solar panel manufacturer, we develop and operate the solar power plants under the abundant managing experience and know-how

Power generation and power consumption prediction

By combining the information from solar power plants and smart meters, we can predict the amount of electricity we consume and the total fee we pay to the electricity company.

Artificial intelligence / IoT business

Machine learning framework "ReNom"

We self-developed the machine learning framework that only dozens of teams could develop in the world. We generalize artificial intelligence so that anyone is usable. And we develop higher algorithm and bring about a breakthrough of the further artificial intelligence. We work on these two different missions.

Weather forecast system

We replicate the weather data which was previously 2D into a realistic form of 3D. Furthermore, by combining big data and unique system, were able to predict and visualize the impact weather conditions pose on business.

Transportation and congestion alleviation system

By using big data prediction system and GPS tracking information system, we will be able to solve the problem of congestion which makes the transportation smoother.

Image analysis

We use the data from the cameras (which is placed in variety of places) and track the movement of costumers.

Big data analysis

Based on the big data and the tracking system in the store, we can predict the number of customers up to a few days away.

Malfunction and abnormality detection system

Screening the failure or abnormal pattern from the data collected by the installed sensor on the assembly line, we can analyze the problem and predict the future risks.


GRID is carrying out joint research involving the development of future prediction algorithm with
The University of Tokyo and The University of Electro-Communications,
We focus on developing big data, open data analysis, artificial intelligence, weather prediction technology,
image recognition technology, and have cooperated in physics simulation.

Coopertive reserch

AI technology
Regarding machine learning, the development of AI technologies such as SVM (support vector machine) and NN (neural network) DL (deep learning)
Theoretical physics calculations by DFT (density functional theory), MC (Monte Carlo method),Boltzmann transport equation, KLM (Kalman filter), etc.
WEATHER technology
Numerical weather modeling by WRF(area meteorological model)and KLM (Kalman filter) and the R&D of graphical technology.